Discounts and MAKE MONEY WITH US

Those who will insure new guests’ accommodation who arrive and register at least two working day after your notification of hostel administration about newcomers will get 10% discount of his/her regular accommodation fee per each arrived guest. To apply discount you must notify administration the names and visit date of guests who intend to arrive and stay at "BiHostel" hostel. The discount for you will be actually provided when designated guests arrive and as soon as they check out. The guest should be aware on the deal and have your discount coupon (to know your passport number).

This is applicable also if you are actually not in Tbilisi and notify us via web-site, e-mail or phone (providing your name and passport number) that somebody (providing their names as they are given in their passports) is going to stay in our hostel. When they arrive they should have your discount coupon (to know your passport number). You will utilize your discount when you arrive and accommodate in "BiHostel" hostel.

The total discount your will get must not be greater then 25% of total payment of the guest arrived and paid presenting your discount coupon (your passport number).


1. You notified us that eight guests (provide us with their names at least two days before their arrival) are going to visit Tbilisi and stay at "BiHostel" hostel for 3 nights.
2. You will get 10% discount of your personal fee per each guest or 80% in total. So you will have 4 EURO discount and actually pay 1 EURO per night - 20% of regular fee (5 EURO).
3. Eight guests arrive having your discount coupon (your passport number) and stay 3 nights (regular price is 5 EURO per night). They pay 8x3x5 euro = 120 EURO.
4. When you arrive (or you are already at the hostel at least two nights before) you are applicable for maximum 25% of 120 EURO discount in total. It makes 30 EURO or, you pay 1 EURO per night during 7 days (your discount is 4 EURO per day) and 2 EURO still remains as credit. You can also stay 6 nights with us free of charge.

You can use this credit any time or if you do not use our hostel even get whole amount (30 EURO) back in cash after the guests check out the hotel. You will get your money to your Paypal account.

So, that means Make Money With Us

The discount doesn't apply for those who are registered with International accommodation promotional web-sites like since they collect service fee.

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I invite you to join my team and easily earn a lot of money. What would be your initial expenses? Zero. Is it risky? Not at all. No upfront fees or other obligations. You will only get the money. What you need to do? Quite a pleasant activity - to allocate a certain amount of time and regularly watch videos on the Internet. To register click here: Details see below.

Do you know how Google earns billions of dollars? Basically by on-line advertising. Google systems are already unwound and involve tens of millions of advertisers (add-givers), and hundreds of millions of website visitors (Internet users), but to earn money is pretty hard there. What is important, the Google services pay out to advertisers (YouTube) and web-site and content owners (Google AdWord) where Google adds emerge and are viewed or clicked by visitors (users). Visitors don’t get any remuneration with Google.

How can ordinary Internet visitors earn money in the Internet advertising business? Just as in any business: it is necessary to be in the right place at the right time and be persistent. However, in our case there is no need to organize and carry out business activities. But the rest is OK: we are in the right place, in the right time (beginning of activities). The only one thing remains: to be persistent.

The following business was born a couple of months ago and is still being tested (right time):

you'll be paid only for watching video.

You’ll (if you are over 18 years old) get from 10 to 25 $ per hour (rates depend on the region where you locate) personally if you watch videos sorted out by categories (you choose subject to view yourself), up to 10 hours per week (it makes 100 – 250 $ per week) and provide short comments.

Then, according to multilevel marketing technology you’ll be additionally paid 5 $ per hour video, watched by team members brought into the team personally by you (first level). Each of them must also earn a rate of 25 $. So, you get minimum 50 $ per week per each participant under you on the first level.
In addition, there are 9 more levels of the participants, which were brought by your first and all subsequent levels of participants. You will receive additional 1$ per hour of watching video by each such participant, who himself earned a rate of 25 $. Any realistic number of participants could be registered at any level. At the 10th level only it can be up to 9,765,625 participants from your group.

The system is transparent and you can observe all the participants of your team in your personal virtual office, which is allocated for you after registration here:

Videos can be watched and commented both on personal computers, laptops, and on iPad, Android smart phones and iPhone. Earnings for the previous week will be available next week via electronic online payment systems PayPal, SolidTrust, Payza and a few others.

The system is currently in beta testing, and this is very good, because we have a chance to get to the beginning of registration of participants, who appear to be our potential generators and secure income. Anyone who has ever experienced in the essence of multilevel marketing technology should understand what I mean.

The estimated launching date of the system including watching of videos and payment is scheduled for September 2016, so hurry up to register and sign up here

What are your investments or payments? Doesn't exist. It’s free. What are your risks? No risks at all. What are your prospects?

Earning Big Money only watching up to 10 hours of video clips per week and making minor comments.

To be successful you should also to get Internet users to take part in described activity and join our team. The more external users join our team, the more money we all earn. No upfront fees or other obligations. You will only get paid when the system is operational – scheduled for September 2016, meanwhile let’s create out team. The more members in our team, the more earnings from mid September 2016.

Here are some estimates of your income, which consists of three components:
1. You personally watch up to 10 hours of video per week. Depending on your region you get from 400 to 1000 $ per month.
2. You tracked down and persuaded to register up 15 people who signed up on the first level under you and 10 of them watch up to 10 hours of video per week. Your extra income per month is 5 $ x 10 hours x 4 weeks x 10 participants = 2000 $.
3. You will receive additional 40 $ per month per each participant from the second up to the 10th level (there may be tens of thousands) of our team members, provided watching by each of them 10 hours of video per week.

Join me and I will keep you informed about all the news of the system. Sign up via the link: I will provide you regularly with additional information  on my Facebook page

Please, use GOOGLE CHROME browser for watching video and when arrange registration use GOOGLE gmail e-mail.

I can’t earn a lot without you, and you won’t earn much without me. Let's get together.

We have news from THWGlobal administration. 

It seems that testing period started in Georgia also. That means that testing period started in Georgian also.
You should enter in Chrome browser. Then, login and enter your password in the UP - RIGHT corner. You will see the list of videos available for viewing. When finish watching don't forget to make short comment. You should know that you can set thematic of the videos provided by the system from your Back Office.
Currently thwglobal administration request 10 hours watching of video within one allocated week in order you finalize your registration. Then, you will be requested to watch 5 hours video minimum in order to be paid. Payment still is not envisaged in Georgia (currently, as I said, there is testing period).
After watching you can reach your statistics in the Back Office. You should click IV Back Office as it is shown on the attached image and you will be forwarded to relevant web-page. On this page you can click VIEWING HISTORY as it is shown on the second picture and review your statistics. Your TOTAL should be 10 or more hours in one week on the first stage and more then 5 hours further to be paid.
The administration said that you can withdraw your money through different banking systems. I personally prefer Paypal. If you do not have relevant banking facility, you should open it in open to be prepared when they start payments.
My advise:
1. Do your best your friends, colleagues, relatives join your group via your personal web-address or via mine:
This will increase our income in the future.
2. Do not go to certification process yet like thwglobal administration currently offers you, since I think it is not free and of anything with this project go wrong you will nit get your money back. And then, don't blame me. Don't be in a hurry. Let's see how it goes and then, if the need, we can take certification.

Below is full text of the administration and please read it carefully.
THWGlobal will delay the official launch of viewing and commenting on videos until September 21 to allow more time for all interested IVs to take advantage of the discounted IV Certification offering. However, viewing time is currently being recorded and will count towards all required initial viewing hours. Be sure to get your viewing time in.
THWGlobal really prides itself that our FREE IVs can begin earning a substantial income without having to buy anything. FREE IVs, in order to be commission qualified, need to focus on two areas. Their 10 hour initiation viewing and thereafter a minimum qualification of 5 hours weekly viewing. We also encourage all our IVs to always take time to review and support our advertisers by considering their respective offers; which will eventually lead to Dual Team earnings.
To begin earning, just complete your required 10 hours of initial viewing and commenting on videos, at your schedule. The initial 10 hours of viewing can be done at any time, for some it can be done in 1 day, for others it may take several weeks. It is completely up to you. Then simply spend a minimum of 5 hours in any given week viewing and commenting on videos to begin earning Tokens. Any week in which you do not accumulate the required 5 hours you simply forfeit your Token Earnings for that week. Tokens then begin accumulating again in the next week. Based on our BETA Testing we believe that most IVs are spending more than 10 hours weekly viewing and commenting on videos at this time, so for most this will never be an issue.
Since THWGlobal is a 100% free opportunity we feel that simply asking all new IVs to merely complete 10 hours of viewing and commenting is not unreasonable.